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Ion Sterpan Memorial Fund

We have begun a fund in memory of our beloved brother Ion Sterpan who passed away unexpectedly this weekend. Please keep him in your prayers. Donations are being...
Posted by Father David Subu in St. Mary Orthodox Church
Comment from Nicole Fernandez:

Two years ago at the Lazarus Saturday cleaning event I rounded the corner from the Fellowship Hall and saw Ion quietly working with one of the middle school boys who volunteered that day. Ion was patiently standing with the student who was quietly and carefully working with a power tool to trim the azalea bushes in front of the Church, having no doubt just been taught how to use the tool properly. It was a moment of patience and beauty that I just happened to see. I have thought of it often because it spoke to me about the kindness and mentoring of children that is possible within the Church among our brothers and sisters.

May his memory be eternal and may he one day welcome us into the Heavenly gardens.

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