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Planning meeting June 24

By Father David Subu in St. Mary Orthodox Church 5 months ago | 442 views Link:

Sunday, June 24 12pm

Sunday, June 24, 12 Noon.

All are welcome after church in the library! St. Juliana Fellowship Meeting to schedule and plan the annual yard sale, the pre-Advent tea, and the Advent Soup lunch. All service opportunities for these events are open at this time. We need parish-wide support to make these events a success. We look forward to seeing you there!

EM Fadel

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Anna Caraveli

Eva, I am sorry but I cannot join you because of a dinner dance meeting but I am willing to help where I can. Let me know what I can do.

Also I wonder if St. Juliana Fellowship is interested in donating a basket or something else to the auction this year. Let me know. Anna

Tatiana B. Romanovskaya

Dear Eva,

I want to help with the yard sale very much, but I most probably would not be able to come to the church tomorrow for after the visit to a dentist yesterday my left  cheek  occupies most of my face for the time being and it hurts and I am taking antibiotics as I also have a fever. 

I just want to say that our communications with the neighbors were not too successful in the past (almost no students came to the church for help with home assignments, for example). To make things smoother perhaps we should involve people in the church who at least speak Spanish fluently to better communicate with the mostly Spanish speaking neighbors? 


A swollen Tatiana 

E.a. Hall (FB)

Our daughter is here with us from TN who is moving to Japan. She leaves tomorrow morning to go back to TN and we aren’t certain we will see her or the children again before they leave for Japan (and how often we might see them in the next three years) I won’t be there – plan to attend DL at Ft. Belvoir today.

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